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How Are Eating Disorders and Drug Abuse Connected?

How Are Eating Disorders and Drug Abuse Connected?Eating disorders and drug abuse can influence and/or cause each other. If you live in Des Moines and struggle with drug abuse, you might find yourself also struggling with an eating disorder, or vice versa. Both eating disorders and drug abuse problems can cause extreme stress and anxiety, which can cause you to try to self-medicate them in unhealthy ways, namely through developing the other issue. For instance, if you are dealing with an eating disorder, then you might try to self-medicate your problems with drug abuse. On the other hand, if you are dealing with a drug abuse problem, you might try to deal with your troubles in a way that leads to an eating disorder. Eating disorders and drug abuse problems can go hand-in-hand and make each other worse. Des Moine sresidents with these issues will need professional help.

Treatment for Eating Disorders and Drug Abuse

If you or another Des Moines resident struggle with both an eating disorder and a drug abuse problem, you need to find professional treatment as quickly as possible. The professionals at a rehab center that practice Dual Diagnosis treatment strive to treat not only the physical addiction itself, but also any psychological, mental or emotional problem that occurs alongside the addiction. The professional doctors, counselors and therapists that you will find in a rehab center can help you work through the issues that fuel your drug abuse problem and your eating disorder. With their help, you can live a happy and fulfilling life away from the struggles that come along with both of these major issues. If you want to begin recovery and have the best chance of maintaining it, seek help for both issues simultaneously.

Treatment for Des Moines Drug Addiction and Eating Disorders

If you or someone you love in Des Moines struggle with eating disorders and drugs, finding help can be just a phone call away. Our toll-free helpline is available 24 hours a day with recovery counselors ready to answer your questions about eating disorders, drug abuse and how they can coincide. Our recovery counselors can also help you find the right professionals and treatment that meets your specific needs and situation. Our counselors can even help you find out whether or not your insurance will help you pay for treatment. Call us now and find the professional help and guidance that you need to start your recovery from eating disorders and drug abuse.