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Harms of Joking about Addiction

Harms of Joking about AddictionHumor is important. It is emotionally and psychologically healthy to be able to laugh. Laughter releases certain brain chemicals that assist with mood, coping, endurance and general wellness. It’s even normal, and often very healthy for people in Des Moines to find a way to laugh about serious things. Jokes told at funerals may seem irreverent to some but can serve an important function in the mourning and grieving process. Laughing tells us that life will go on, that things may not be as serious as they seem and that everything is going to be OK.

In a way, joking desensitizes people to difficult experiences just enough that they can continue their lives in Des Moines. That is why laughing and joking about some things can be so dangerous. Addiction is deadly, and it affects millions of people each year causing premature deaths and destroying quality of life. While the instinct to joke about addiction may be rooted in the same coping mechanisms designed to help people deal with tragedy, substance abuse is not something to which anyone should become desensitized.

Examples of Harmful Addiction Joking

Addiction jokes are common throughout modern culture, from film, television and music to schoolyards, workplaces and coffee shops. In fact, this kind of humor is so common it goes largely unnoticed when it occurs. People in Des Moines have become so desensitized to joking about this disease they tend not to recognize or be bothered by the following examples:

  • Comedy sketches about a stereotypical marijuana addict
  • People flaunting or even celebrating how much they can binge drink at a party
  • Laughing at the dangerous behaviors of an inebriated friend
  • Joking the morning after a big party about how “wasted” everyone was
  • Laughing about blacking out
  • Teasing someone for sexual activities they were involved in while drunk or high
  • Blockbuster movies that center around substance abuse humor
  • Hits on pop, country, rock and urban radio that celebrate substance abuse

The more a person allows him or herself to laugh at addiction-related humor in Des Moines, the more desensitized they can become to the deadliness of this disease. This kind of humor also frequently masks the growing addiction problem facing individuals. As a person feels his or her substance abuse getting out of control, he or she may joke about it to make him or herself feel better about the situation.

Correcting Bad Joking Habits

In order to regain a proper perspective on addiction, one may need to re-sensitize his or her mind to it in Des Moines. This will take some time, but the following steps can help a person regain a healthy perspective on substance abuse and addiction:

  • Attend a 12-step meeting and listen to the stories told
  • Understand that addiction is a lethal disease and not a recreational choice
  • Abstain from pop culture entertainment that glorifies or jokes about addiction
  • Discuss the issue with your closest friends
  • Commit as a group to changing your joking habits

Addiction Information and Recovery Advice

Our toll-free helpline is always open, and our counselors are happy to answer any questions you may have about addition, recovery, the effects of addiction humor and how to tell if someone’s substance abuse has become a disease in Des Moines. We can even connect you with the best recovery resources available. Don’t let addiction humor desensitize you to the deadly risk of addiction. Take it seriously, and call today.