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Gender-Specific Tracks for Addiction Recovery

Gender-Specific Tracks for Addiction RecoveryGender-specific tracks for addiction recovery differ from gender-specific programs. Gender-specific programs refer to the overall treatment process, but gender-specific tracks refer to a theme or specific path within that program. New Jersey residents can recover from addiction if they seek the right help.

Benefits of Gender-Specific Addition Recovery

One may wonder why it would be necessary to seek gender-specific addiction recovery programs. First off, addiction is a personal disease. Every Des Moines resident has unique experiences that contributed to the addiction and addictive behavior. In response to this, the most successful recovery programs offer treatment services that address each person’s struggles. For example, a painkiller addict may benefit from physical therapy and alternative treatments, and an anxious alcoholic will benefit from mood stabilizers and treatment methods that improve coping mechanisms.

When it comes to gender-specific addiction programs, New Jersey men and women experience addiction differently. There are obvious biological differences, as well as major differences in what led to the addictive behavior in the first place. Prevention and treatment programs are more beneficial when they focus on gender-specific issues. Furthermore, men and women may be uncomfortable or less willing to discuss their problems among members of the opposite sex. Both women and men may feel better understood and accepted by the same sex, which is especially true when issues like domestic violence or sexual abuse have affected one’s addiction. In addition, certain biological factors impact stress, anxiety, hormonal changes and other issues related to addiction, so Des Moines residents may need the unity of their gender more than the strength of numbers.

Cons of Gender-Specific Addiction Recovery

There are a few cons of gender-specific addiction treatment. First, gender roles have changed over the years. Both men and women can be the breadwinner, raise children, express emotions and be victims of abuse. This means that, by attending gender-specific addiction facilities, Des Moines residents may develop healthy, trusting relationships with their genders, but have little to no interaction with members of the opposite sex. As a result, addicts can put up emotional walls between them and the opposite gender. However, having the support and advice from members of the opposite sex during recovery can be quite useful during treatment. Lastly, gender-specific addiction treatment programs can establish negative thoughts and feelings towards the other gender. Because of this, many recovery professionals recommend addiction treatment that offer gender-specific tracks within a co-ed program.

Gender-Specific Treatment for Des Moines Drug Addicts

For Des Moines men and women seeking gender-specific addiction treatment, you may call our toll-free helpline now to speak with a recovery professional. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions, address your concerns and provide the information you need to find the help. Our counselors can connect you with treatment and facilities of your choice, so call us now for instant support.