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Finding the Right Job after Addiction

Finding the Right Job after AddictionAfter leaving addiction treatment, you may need to find a new job in Des Moines to get back on your feet. It is a simple fact of life that your addiction will factor into choosing the type of job that is best for you. You must find a job that will prevent you from relapsing and will allow you to continue your recovery. The work environment can be a major factor in fueling or preventing a relapse, so selecting the right workplace is important. Before starting your job search, you need to know what you are looking for in a job so that you can choose the right job for you.

How Does My Job in Des Moines Affect My Addiction?

Your job may play a big part in your chances of relapsing. Some people turn to drugs or alcohol because of a stressful environment, so taking a stressful job may present triggers for people like that. Other users may abuse drugs or alcohol out of boredom, so choosing a job that is not demanding may cause these users to be more likely to relapse. Know your triggers and avoid selecting a job in Des Moines that will create triggers in your life.

Choosing the Right Job in Des Moines for Your Addiction Recovery

Most people focus on things like salary and benefits when searching for a job, but in your case, these things need to take a back seat for once. How much you are paid does not matter as much as work environment. You do not want to work in a place where drugs or alcohol are promoted or readily available. Having addictive substances available to you greatly increases the chance of relapse. Choose a job that fits your recovery goals and will allow you to continue improving your state of mind and sober life in Des Moines.

Working in Des Moines after Addiction

Starting work after addiction can be stressful, but you have learned everything you need to know to be successful during addiction treatment. If you are still having problems with drug or alcohol abuse and need more help, call our toll-free helpline. We want to help you find treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction and we will speak with you about relapse and what it means for your recovery. If you have relapsed, it does not mean you have to start over. But you do need to get help as soon as possible. We are here to provide help 24 hours a day, so call now.