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Finding a CARF-certified Rehab Center

Finding a CARF-certified Rehab CenterCARF, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehab Facilities, is a nonprofit organization that has been certifying health facilities and addiction rehab centers since 1966. Finding a rehab center with CARF’s approval ensures quality treatment for Des Moines residents.

CARF Accreditation Process

An addiction rehab center will begin the CARF accreditation process by completing a self-evaluation over the Internet and sending the Intent to Survey form to CARF. The rehab center will request CARF send a group of professional practitioners to approve the facility on site and in person. The rehab facility can only pass the survey if it meets CARF standards.

A thorough report of the CARF survey will be sent to the rehab facility, and this report will address a facility’s strengths and weaknesses and note the areas that need improvement. Next, the rehab facility is required to submit a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) showing how it intends to improve its treatment facility. Accreditation is an ongoing process. An unannounced Annual Conformance to Quality Report (ACQR) on the facility will be conducted to ensure the rehab center is still up to date and providing quality treatment. The accreditation process itself may take a year to complete.

CARF Standards

By observing treatments, interviewing patients and beneficiaries and consulting the rehab center leaders and other personnel, CARF can determine the quality of service being provided by the facility. CARF-certified facilities must provide current records and reports on its patients, financial statements, administrative records and treatment practices. The physical facilities are looked over thoroughly, and only safe and healthy environments are approved. Changes in the facility’s leadership, ownership, location or contact information and serious financial distresses are to be reported to CARF. Rehab leaders should attend regular CARF seminars to receive updated information about quality treatment standards and how they can continue to provide Des Moines residents with the best and most effective care.

Deciding on an Addiction Rehabilitation Facility

Qualities to look for in a rehab center include a licensed professional staff, a variety of up-to-date treatment options and hygienic, comfortable accommodations. Des Moines residents should ask about the rehab center’s CARF accreditation and look for a certificate of accreditation framed and displayed in the facility. Feel free to take a tour of the facilities before entering treatment. You can also contact CARF for public information about a rehab facility including its certification’s expiration date and a summary about its treatment services and programs.

The Importance of Quality Addiction Treatment for Des Moines Residents

It is important to find a quality rehab center for addiction treatment, because quality treatment has a huge impact on the success of the program. While CARF approval is not by any means a guarantee of success, the standards it requires facilities to implement are more likely to lead to long-term sobriety for Des Moines residents. This is your life, so put it in the hands of certified professionals who can give you the best chance to overcome addiction. With the help of an accredited rehab center you can get clean and stay clean.

Find Addiction Rehabilitation for Des Moines Residents

If you have questions about rehab or finding CARF-certified care, call our toll-free helpline. We are waiting to help you in any way we can, 24 hours a day. Your insurance may help cover the costs of accredited rehab services, so call now to talk with us about your options.