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Fears about Life after Rehab

Fears about Life after RehabWhen you suffer from addiction, it becomes a way of life, and one of the biggest fears of rehab is the fear of the unknown. You do not know how addiction recovery will change your life, and that can be scary. Luckily, rehab will change your life in positive ways, and most of the things you are concerned about, you will find in the coming weeks and months are unfounded.

Des Moines Recovery and Friendships

Often, the first worry of a potential recovering addict in Des Moines is that they will lose their friends. Sure, your friends will change as you modify your lifestyle, but you will find new, positive friends that will help you stay sober. You will remain close to some of your old friends, while others may leave your life, but it is for the better. You must surround yourself with people that are going to help you during your recovery.

Des Moines Addicts and Relapse

Relapse is a scary part of addiction recovery, and it is always a threat, but even if you relapse it does not mean you have failed. Continue your addiction treatment so you can learn more about staying clean, but if you do happen to relapse, contact your treatment center or therapist and alert them. They will help you get signed up for treatment that will help you rebound from your transgression. Relapse does not have to mean the end of the recovery for Des Moines residents if treatment is sought promptly.

Des Moines Residents Finding a Job after Rehabilitation

Some Des Moines residents lose their jobs before attending rehab or must quit their job so they can get extended treatment. Your recovery from addiction will enable you to find gainful employment when you leave rehab. Even if attending rehab caused you to leave your previous job, your health and recovery are worth it. Now that you are clean you can work hard and reap the rewards.

Life after Rehab for Des Moines Residents

Recovery is a natural part of life, and you will be able to adjust when you leave rehab. If you are suffering from addiction, but have reservations because of what you expect when you leave rehab, call our toll-free helpline today and speak with us about your worries. Our trained addiction experts can tell you more about rehab treatment and what to expect, and can let you know if your health insurance will help pay for rehab. We are here to help all Des Moines residents 24 hours a day, so call now.