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Family Rehab Guide

Family Rehab GuideFor those with family members struggling against drug or alcohol addiction, the road to recovery can be trying, emotionally, psychologically and financially. Having a loved one in drug or alcohol rehabilitation can create conflicting feelings – including relief, hope, anger, helplessness and frustration. Often, family history and relationships become important to resolve during the addicted individual’s stay in residential treatment programs – and the support and involvement of family members can make a positive difference in the recovery process.

Rehab Guidance for Family Members

Here are a few tips for Des Moines families with loved ones enrolling in inpatient alcohol or drug rehabilitation programs to help bring perspective and heightened peace during the recovery process.

  • Acknowledge Your Personal Need for Healing
    The process of recovery from drug addiction or alcoholism is a time of healing for those enrolled in residential treatment programs. However, family members have often had to endure emotional distance, constant worry, the breaking of trust – and in some cases, even instances of abuse – during the tenure of the addiction itself. Family members may find that they also are need of healing during the recovery process.  Many inpatient drug and alcohol recovery programs can offer Des Moines families counseling in sessions with the addicted individual to facilitate communication and cathartic discussion of how addiction has affected the family itself. Some family members may also find that obtaining personalized counseling on their own behalf can accelerate the healing process.
  • Establish Boundaries of Trust
    Trust is often broken during the alcohol and drug addiction process. Many Des Moines family members find themselves walking a difficult line when a loved one is undergoing alcohol or drug rehabilitation – struggling with the desire to encourage the recovering alcoholic or addict without risking too much emotionally or financially again. By establishing healthy boundaries and allowing them to expand with time, family members can offer encouragement while remaining self-protective. Those aiding financially can write checks directly to landlords or treatment centers instead of to their loved one in recovery, and emotional openness can be taken one step at a time – with accountability, metered trust and responsibilities as merited.
  • Alcohol and Drug Addiction Education
    For many individuals, the experience of having a family member in alcohol or drug addiction rehab is a new one. By educating yourself through support groups, asking questions of addiction counselors and communicating with your loved one’s rehabilitation staff, you can learn more about the nature of addiction and how it has affected your loved one. Familiarize yourself with the rules of the inpatient addiction treatment program your loved one has chosen and ensure you adhere to any necessary regulations. Participation in family counseling sessions and review of any literature provided by the treatment center itself can also prove useful for Des Moines families coping with addiction. Additionally, any anxieties about how to best help family members in recovery can often be answered by trained staff.
  • Be Patient During Drug and Alcohol Recovery
    Addiction recovery isn’t an instantaneous process. Many alcohol- or drug-dependent individuals may face relapse – and some even warrant a second stay in inpatient addiction treatment centers. Continue to encourage the alcoholic or drug addict in your life to continue to pursue recovery. You can also speak to a professional interventionist or addiction counselor in order to obtain help for a family member who has relapsed.

Asking for Family Rehab Help

Our trained addiction counselors welcome your inquiries about loved ones struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, 24 hours a day.  If a loved one in the Des Moines area is battling addiction of any kind, our compassionate and confidential counselors can help point you towards addiction treatment and rehab programs across the country that can help your family member regain a sober life and all that it entails.