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Drug Temptations for Professionals

Drug Temptations for Professionals

The pressure to succeed can cause stress and lead to drug abuse

It can be easy to think that drug use is more prominent among unemployed or impoverished individuals. While some unemployed individuals do struggle with drug abuse, it is also important to understand that people from all walks of life may be tempted to abuse drugs. In fact, professionals may experience drug temptations and abuse frequently in their careers.

Whether they are in the field of marketing, entrepreneurship, sales, etc., professionals face a number of challenges in their everyday life that can tempt them to use drugs. For example, one of the most commonly accepted ways to unwind after a long day at the office is to go out for a drink. Stress can often tempt professionals to turn to mind-altering substances such as drugs and alcohol to cope with a tough day. Continuing a pattern of drug use every time one encounters stress can lead to addiction, which will make the everyday job even more complicated (if the user can even manage to keep his job).

In addition to everyday stress, the need to succeed can also tempt professionals in Des Moines to abuse drugs. Many people are incredibly driven, especially when it comes to their position in the work place. This drive can cause people to continually push themselves to work harder and prove themselves to co-workers and their higher-ups. This kind of pressure to succeed can result in long days, lack of sleep, fatigue and stress, all of which may trigger an individual to resort to drug use to get him through the day or fall asleep at night.

Professionals face other issues as well, such as trying to balance work life with home life, trying to date or see friends, and much more. Surviving in the workforce can be incredibly challenging, and with those many challenges comes the potential for drug temptations to creep in. These temptations can be avoided, however, by having positive outlets for stress, as well as seeing a therapist or joining a support network to help work through the many issues that arise in a workplace setting.

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