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Drug Addiction Recovery One Day at a Time

Drug Addiction Recovery One Day at a TimeDrug addiction affects both the body and the mind. It also affects other elements of people’s lives, such as their relationships, jobs, and finances. Full recovery from addiction involves restoration in all of those areas for any Des Moines addict.

Understanding the Addiction and Recovery Process

It is helpful for addicts in Des Moines to understand some basics about the addiction process. Physical addiction occurs because drugs change a user’s body (often by increasing levels of particular neurotransmitters) and the body adapts to those changes by reacting in an “opposite” way (often by decreasing the neurotransmitter levels or making receptors less sensitive.) By the time people become addicted, their brains have changed in some significant ways. When the drug isn’t present in the body, addicts are in a sense unbalanced, which leads to cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

However, the brain can heal from these changes. The process takes time and cravings are likely to be intense in the beginning stages of recovery. The good news is that they diminish significantly over time. When facing cravings, it can be helpful to remember that the battle will not always be as hard as it seems in the beginning. Many Des Moines addicts have recovered, and you can too.

Relapse Prevention Skills

During rehab Des Moines citizens will learn to cope with cravings and avoid relapse. Patients learn to avoid situations that are likely to trigger cravings, distraction techniques, and “urge surfing.” Taking good care of the body, by eating nutritiously, getting enough sleep, and avoiding environmental toxins can also help the brain heal more quickly.

Drug addiction also exists on a psychological level because it has become associated in the brain with pleasure or stress-relief. Many Des Moines addicts have learned to use drugs as a coping technique for facing negative emotions. Learning to recognize those emotions and dealing with them in a constructive way is another important skill to develop on the road to recovery.

While in recovery, focus less on the negative (what shouldn’t be done) and more on the positive (developing new interests, skills, and support systems). Daily decisions to do such things as go to a support group meeting, join a new club, or exercise can help Des Moines addicts build a new life one step at a time. Many things will seem awkward or uncomfortable in the beginning, but will become easier and more enjoyable as time goes on.

Des Moines Sobriety Help

If you live in Des Moines and want to learn how recover one day at a time, give us a call. There’s always someone waiting to take your call, 24 hours a day, and our helpline is toll-free. We can give you the information you need to make an informed decision about treatment, including checking your insurance coverage at no cost or obligation. Let us help you reclaim your life.