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Drug Addiction and Physical Health

Drug Addiction and Physical HealthDrug addiction can be extremely detrimental to your physical health. Even though you may abuse drugs because they make you feel better, that doesn’t mean that they’re actually helping you. Drug addictions are extremely harmful physically, mentally and emotionally to any Des Moines user.

Physical Effects of Drug Addiction on Des Moines Residents

Drug addiction can cause some fatal effects such as overdose. No one ever thinks that overdose could happen to them, but if you’re using drugs regularly, your body is developing a tolerance to the drug that can contribute to overdose. Drug addictions can also cause long-term effects such as brain damage. What you need to understand is that drugs are literally toxins or poisons to your body and mind. They affect the way that your body and your mind respond, sometimes by blocking certain receptors in your brain and making them function abnormally. Using these sorts of toxins for any period of time, especially long-term such as in an addiction, can be extremely damaging to any Des Moines resident. Certain drugs such as cocaine can have long-term effects including the following:

  • Seizures
  • Heart respiratory failure
  • Tremors

Other drugs have similar and equally dangerous long-term effects as these. Even if you don’t feel like these drugs are actually having any effect on you, they are. You may not even notice anything until something goes horribly wrong; or until you try to quit abusing drugs.

Overcoming Physical Effects in Drug Addiction Rehabilitation

Overcoming these physical effects during the healing process include dealing with detox and withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the drug of your addiction, your withdrawal symptoms can be severe. The professionals in the rehab center can help Des Moines addicts deal with withdrawal symptoms. You can also do things like start eating right and getting some exercise to help you increase your physical health that has been deteriorating since your drug addiction began. Feeding your body right and getting the right amount of exercise can help you relearn to live without drugs. Drug addictions aren’t a habit, they are a lifestyle, and it takes changing your lifestyle to recover fully. Learning new ways to take care of yourself can be an important step in this process.

Des Moines Drug Addiction Help

If you or someone you know in Des Moines struggles with a drug addiction, it’s helpful to get as much information as possible about treatment. Our toll-free helpline is available 24 hours a day to help Des Moines residents whenever they need us most. Our counselors can answer your questions about drug addictions and its physical effects. They can also answer your questions about treatment and help you find a good treatment center for you. Our abuse and addiction counselors can even help you to find out if your insurance company will be able to help you pay for your treatment. Call us today and start the process of your recovery now.