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Dangers of Looking for Acceptance through Drug Use

Dangers of Looking for Acceptance through Drug Use Drug use often begins as a way to cope with stress, anxiety or uncomfortable emotions. Des Moines residents who feel awkward around peers may develop low self-esteem or social anxiety. These feelings may motivate them to seek acceptance through unhealthy means, like drug use as a way to fit in. Adolescents and teens may use drugs in this way and become uncomfortable socializing without drugs.

Adults may drink or use drugs to deal with social anxiety. Des Moines adults who grew up without healthy peer or family relationships may seek acceptance through drugs to reduce inhibitions or get along with others, even if this drug use causes guilty feelings later.

Effects of Drug Abuse

Low self-esteem may lead to bad choices when seeking the approval of others. Using drugs may lead to acceptance in the short-term, but Des Moines residents who use drugs to spend time together may not value each other outside of drug use. Using drugs to gain acceptance will only bring a superficial sense of belonging; self-esteem from healthy relationships and accomplishments will bring more fulfilling relationships and acceptance from others. Individuals that value others through drug use may only appreciate surface qualities and negative habits that reinforce bad decisions. Drug use often involves denial, and spending time with other drug users encourages addicts to avoid facing their problems. These social groups make it harder to find acceptance in other healthy communities.

How Addiction Treatment Works

Des Moines residents who struggle with social acceptance may find addiction treatment difficult at first. They may wonder how they will make friends or get along with loved ones without drugs. Drug use may prevent personal growth such as developing social skills, and individuals may not realize that drugs can prevent healthy relationships.

Addiction treatment will uncover underlying causes of low self-esteem and social anxiety that drug use may hide. Des Moines drug addicts will receive individual therapy to help them process difficult emotions, and group therapy can foster social skills and self-esteem. Forming genuine relationships with sympathetic peers can benefit everyone involved, and many who leave treatment stay in contact with people they met in rehab.

Addiction treatment can help people overcome the shame they feel about drug use. After leaving treatment, Des Moines residents may find sober activity groups a useful source of new and meaningful relationships. Family relationships may improve when addiction stops because addicts can focus on self-improvement and social skills that benefit relationships with others.

Des Moines Addiction Treatment

If you worry about finding acceptance without drug use, treatment can help. Addiction treatment that fits your needs can help you recover from drugs and form positive relationships with others. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline to speak with our counselors about treatment options.