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Drug Rehab Costs for Des Moines Addicts

Drug Rehab Costs in Des MoinesDrug rehab costs for Des Moines residents facing drug addiction can range from thousands of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars for one-month inpatient treatment stays. National surveys have shown that the cost of drug rehabilitation has been one of the three most often cited reasons those in need of intensive, professional addiction treatment remain untreated.

The Relative Cost of Drug Rehab for Des Moines, Iowa Addicts

According to findings of the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), more than 47,000 potential patients in the State of Iowa alone were assessed for alcohol and drug addiction, a number that climbed by more than 100 percent over the course of the prior decade and a half. According to NIDA, however, the cost effectiveness of drug and alcohol addiction treatment far outweighs the cost of addicted individuals remaining untreated, with illegal drug use costing the US economy nearly $130 billion each year as of 1998 – at the rate of nearly $1,700 per capita – including rising health care costs, social welfare costs and criminal justice system costs incurred.

Ways Des Moines Residents Can Cover Drug Rehab Costs

When those struggling with drug addiction in Des Moines seek treatment for chemical dependency, financing the cost of drug rehab can naturally become a foremost concern. Here are a few approaches through which those seeking to finance drug rehab can afford addiction treatment services in the most affordable way.

  • Public Health Insurance Options
    Public health insurance coverage is often available to those in financial straits, seniors or those with disabilities. Many drug rehab facilities do take coverage from Medicaid, Medicare and similarly funded public health insurance options with drug rehab insurance coverage.
  • Private Health Insurance Coverage
    One of the most often overlooked ways to easily finance drug rehab is via existing private health insurance coverage.
  • Secure a Bank or Private Loan
    The cost of remaining in drug addiction far outweighs the cost of treatment for Des Moines addicts. As such, viewing drug rehab as an investment toward the future leads some individuals to take out a second mortgage, bank loan or private loan secured by a promissory note in order to finance drug rehab.
  • Employer Subsidized Treatment
    Most employers offer treatment options for those facing drug addiction. After reviewing your company’s policy on drug use and addiction, speak confidentially to your human resources specialist to inform them of your decision to seek inpatient drug rehab and ask about the corporation’s options for coverage of drug rehabilitation costs.
  • Cash Payment or Financing
    Some rehabilitation centers will offer more amenable prices for those able to pay in full and in cash for treatment. Other drug rehab centers will often offer financing plans for those undergoing treatment, payable in installments and with no or low-interest rates.