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College and Recovery: Options for Sober Fun

College and Recovery: Options for Sober Fun

Many recovering alcoholics find great respite in physical exercise

In today’s America, college is almost synonymous with alcohol use and abuse. It can be very difficult to lead a sober life in the midst of a culture with such a focus on drinking. If they avoid drinking, Des Moines residents may feel like boring people, or they may even assume that they will have no friends. To be fair, you will probably want to avoid certain events if you choose the sober life. You might even have to walk away from some friends if they are too involved in the party scene. But, it is possible to stay sober in college. There are many options available to have a fun and interesting college experience while you also avoid alcohol.

Remember the Risks of Choosing to Drink

The first step to choosing a sober life is to remember the following costs of drinking:

  • Increased job stability. It is difficult to shift into gear when you are recovering from a hangover. Beyond absenteeism, drinking is bound to affect your performance on the job due to the poor brain function mentioned above.
  • Cash flow. Drinking is not free, so the cost of alcohol can quickly add up, particularly if you are buying with or for Des Moines friends. Furthermore, hard alcohol costs a pretty penny, and even beer can hit the wallet pretty hard.


There are numerous other risks to staying sober, so the aforementioned list is just a primer. The bottom line is that drinking has numerous costs, so remembering them will help you find the motivation to live clean.

Okay, I Choose Sobriety – What do I do with My Time?

Especially if you started your college career with a drink in your hand, it can feel frustrating and boring to step away from alcohol. In fact, all you might hear or know about college is the various parties that happen on campus, so you can feel as though you are exchanging your social life for sobriety. However, this belief is simply false, because a variety of options are available to Des Moines college students without them having to drink. Not all of these options will interest you, but a few of the following options should pique your interest:

  • Join a gym. Many recovering alcoholics find great respite in physical exercise. Not only will this activity give you a chance to expend some energy, but you will also end up feeling better about yourself in the process. Plus, there is more to a gym than free weights: you could try a class in hot yoga or spin bicycles.
  • Support some of the less popular sports on campus. If you are at a major university, then odds are that you are already on some level supporting the sports teams, but there are literally hundreds of other sports. If you go to your school’s track meet or hockey game, then you might have a great time without having to drink.
  • Intramural or community sports teams. For Des Moines students who consider themselves athletic (and even for those who do not), a competitive or recreation league might be the ticket for you. Along the way, odds are that you will have the chance to develop new friendships.
  • Learn about your city. There are any number of ways that you can gain more knowledge about the city you live in. You could visit a few museums, as a starter. Maybe an art museum is not your thing, but most cities also have museums that are a little off the beaten path, so start there. Depending on the size and location of your city, there may be walking or boat tours to consider as well.
  • Join a club. Most colleges of any size have innumerable clubs that cover every topic from astronomy to family heritage and dance. If Des Moines residents expand their horizons and try something new, then they have a 50/50 chance of enjoying themselves. Who knows, you might even find a couple new friends.
  • Game or Movie Nights. Both of these activities are great social activities that do not require alcohol. There are tons of great group games that get more fun as more people are involved. If that idea is not your cup of tea, then consider an Indiana Jones or Star Wars

Being sober in school does not mean being boring, but Des Moines residents might not be able to stay clean on their own. If you are ready for a change, then know that support is available—we can help you and answer your questions. The admission counselors at our toll-free, 24 hour helpline can help you learn more about addiction and recovery, so call now for instant, professional support.