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Can Drug Use Cause Psychosis?

Can Drug Use Cause Psychosis?Psychosis is an abnormal condition of the mind involving loss of contact with reality. It may be linked to excesses of dopamine in the mesolimbic pathways of the brain which is a part of the brain affected by drug use.

How Drug Use Can Cause Psychosis in Des Moines Residents

The brain is remarkably complex; doctors only understand a small bit of the exact workings of the brain, especially in relation to complex conditions and disorders such as addiction and psychosis. However, psychologists, psychiatrists and addiction treatment specialists have documented that chronic drug use can and does contribute to the development of psychosis.

The degree to which drug use is a factor in any case of psychosis is extremely difficult to determine, but certain drugs display a relatively high incidence of psychosis. Chronic use of stimulants—such as cocaine, crack, amphetamines (speed), methamphetamine (crystal meth, crank) and Ritalin—is well known to cause or exacerbate psychosis. In fact there is a sub-classification of psychosis known as stimulant psychosis. This problem can also result from overdose of stimulants or from withdrawal from stimulant addiction.

Withdrawal from benzodiazepine sedatives like Xanax may induce psychosis, especially in people who are already at increased risk. Psychosis is on the long list of possible withdrawal symptoms of benzodiazepines, and these drugs produce strong dependencies and the most harrowing withdrawal symptoms that can be life threatening. The key to quitting benzodiazepine use is to taper dosage. Determining a proper reduction schedule and sticking to it is difficult for any Des Moines resident, so anyone who is addicted to or dependent on a benzodiazepine should absolutely seek professional assistance.

Is Psychosis Related to Addiction Reversible?

Every case of psychosis, like every case of addiction, is unique. There are so many variables and contributing factors that it is impossible to say with certainty that drug-induced psychosis is reversible. However, clinical experience demonstrates that, with proper treatment, psychosis is at least treatable, especially if it is related to drug abuse. Des Moines residents who receive treatment for addiction, stop using drugs and also receive treatment for a co-occurring mental health issue often improve and can live a normal life.

Help Finding Treatment for Drug-Induced Psychosis

Addiction and psychosis are both treatable conditions. Although neither condition is fully understood, knowledge and treatment are more advanced now than ever before, and success rates are high. If you know someone who suffers from chemically-induced psychosis, do not despair: treatment is available, and we can help you find it. If you would like help finding treatment for addiction and psychosis, call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline now.