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Avoid Setting Yourself up for Recovery Failure

Avoid Setting Yourself up for Recovery FailureAddiction recovery is a process that can take months, years or even a lifetime to master. The choice to end addictive behavior that is hurting you and those who love you is an incredibly important step, but many Des Moines residents move through the process too quickly and set themselves up for failure. With the right help you can have every possible advantage for long-term recovery.

Don’t Rush Addiction Recovery

Many addicts struggle to have patience with themselves, others and their recovery. Addiction destroys a person’s impulse control and greatly impairs his or her ability to experience delayed gratification. Des Moines residents may endure the misery of detox on their own only to succumb to the psychological aspects of addiction and relapse weeks or months later. There are no shortcuts in recovery.

Des Moines Residents Should Beware of Overconfidence

Although detox is challenging, the withdrawal symptoms tend to pass in a matter of days. The feeling of being clean and sober is often exhilarating to the recovering addict. Their confidence grows, and their excitement for a bright new drug-free future is palpable. The challenge people face during this exciting time is countering the lies their brain will tell them. They may find themselves confronting thoughts such as the following:

  • I did it, so now there is no need for more rehab
  • Now that I’ve beaten my addiction, I can handle being in old places and with old friends associated with drug use
  • Now that I’m clean, I can handle just one drink or can control and limit my drug use

Overconfidence causes Des Moines residents to do unwise things that can compromise or destroy their recovery. It is good to be excited about your progress, but be careful too.

Building New Habits and a Drug-Free Life in Des Moines

Recovery work can become tiresome or boring. The addicted mind craves instant gratification, but the skills you must develop require patience, repetition and time. You must build healthy new thinking and behavior habits. Embrace this process, and make the necessary time to do it. Spend time with your sponsor, sobriety coach or fellow addicts in recovery and focus on building personal strength and avoiding future temptations.

Finding Accountability to Avoid Recovery Failure

Accountability is an important part of the recovery process, and yet many Des Moines fail to truly embrace this relapse prevention resource. Our culture can be individualistic, and addiction fuels the “me-first” mentality. It can be awkward to submit yourself to another person’s oversight and guidance, but it can also be a lifesaver. The key to accountability is to make sure another person knows your addiction, your bad habits and your triggers. At least one responsible and caring loved one should always know the following:

  • Where you are
  • What you are doing
  • How you spend your money
  • Your emotional state

Meet with this person or these people regularly, and stay in touch via phone or text throughout the day. It is also helpful for you to provide this same kind of accountability for another recovering addict in Des Moines.

The Benefits of Rehabilitation and Aftercare for Des Moines Residents

The best relapse prevention tools can be learned through professional rehab programs. Start your journey with the best resources possible to avoid setting yourself up for recovery failure. Call our toll-free helpline any time of day or night for confidential answers to all of your questions about recovery and to be connected to the best ongoing recovery support system available. We are here 24 hours a day, and all calls are confidential. Set yourself up for a successful drug-free future. Call now.