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Abandonment Issues and Addiction

Abandonment Issues and AddictionFeelings of abandonment can arise during difficult times in an individual’s life, such as the end of an important relationship or the death of a loved. Feeling abandoned can trigger intense and difficult emotions, which, in turn, may influence an individual to turn to drugs and alcohol as a temporary relief to his or her suffering. However, an addiction to drugs or alcohol will not solve your underlying abandonment issues, and can actually heighten feelings of despair and loneliness. Drug and alcohol addiction will only serve to further isolate your from friends, family and loved ones in Des Moines.

Why Do I Feel Abandoned?

If someone important in your life left you or you have experienced the death of a loved one, it is natural to feel abandoned. If you are feeling abandoned or lonely, talk to a loved one about what you are going through. If your abandonment issues continue, speak to a therapist or mental health professional. Talking through feelings of abandonment with a trained professional can help you learn the tools you need to deal with painful emotions in more productive ways.

How Abandonment Issues Can Affect Your Addiction

Not only can abandonment issues cause you to turn to drugs or alcohol to deal with your problems, but addiction may further isolate you from loved ones, causing you to feel even more abandoned and alone in Des Moines. Addiction causes an individual to focus exclusively on obtaining his or her drug of choice, at the expense of work, family, friends and community. If you are suffering from addiction and abandonment issues, you need to seek help so you can address the underlying feelings that may have caused you to turn to drugs and alcohol.

Need Help Finding Treatment for Abandonment and Addiction?

Abandonment issues and addiction often go hand in hand. If you are suffering from an addiction and feelings of abandonment, it is important to find a treatment solution that can help you address both problems. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline today to speak with a trained addiction expert. We can answer your questions about addiction treatment and abandonment issues and direct you to an effective treatment center. Call now and get the help you need.