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Drug Rehab Guide

Drug Rehab GuideThough the incidence of drug addiction in Iowa remains one of the lowest in the country, the City of Des Moines has experienced more than its share of drug problems – largely around methamphetamine, marijuana and prescription drug abuse. In fact, the Iowa Poison Control Center has experienced more than a 1,000-percent increase in cases of prescription opiate abuse within the last decade, causing Iowa to launch the state’s first anti-prescription drug abuse campaign.

Methamphetamine Addiction in Des Moines, Iowa

Methamphetamine addiction also began to escalate within the Des Moines, Iowa metropolitan region since 2009. Iowa itself has seen a surge of methamphetamine cases in its drug rehab centers, as well as an increase in both meth lab presence and methamphetamine cases that involved children in high-risk, potentially explosive environments where meth manufacturing was taking place.

Seeking a Drug Rehab Guide in Des Moines, Iowa

When addiction to methamphetamines or other illicit drugs becomes apparent, drug-addicted individuals often cannot cease use on their own. For many, drug rehabilitation treatment becomes a necessity, as drug cravings and the urge to return to drug use perpetuate for many even beyond the detoxification phase of recovery. Studies have shown that inpatient drug rehab programs sharply increase the odds of continued sobriety over outpatient care – but only 15 percent of those seeking drug addiction treatment ever receive inpatient rehabilitation.

Here are just a few resources that can serve as a drug rehab guide for those Des Moines residents embarking on the search for addiction treatment:

  • Physician Drug Rehab Referral
    In some cases, a doctor referral to drug addiction rehabilitation programs may be required by your insurance company. Iowa physicians can write a prescription for drug addiction treatment, and refer you to inpatient care facilities all over the country.
  • Insurance Company Drug Rehab Referral
    Some insurance companies will provide referrals to covered inpatient drug treatment centers with drug addiction and detoxification treatment capacity. However, many insurance companies simply provide a laundry list of potential drug treatment centers, rather than a drug rehab guide to the centers themselves.
  • Drug Addiction Referral Services
    Addiction referral services have access to network of drug treatment centers already vetted by the referral service itself. Through the use of detailed rosters of various drug rehabilitation treatment centers across the country, addiction referral services can often best match individuals struggling with drug addiction with centers that offer programs for their particular drug of choice. Addiction referral services can also match potential patients with drug rehab centers’ specific capacities, such as Dual Diagnosis treatment capability, on-site detoxification services and group or individualized therapy sessions.