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Ottumwa Alcoholism Centers

Ottumwa Alcoholism TreatmentAlcoholism remains the most common form of addiction in the State of Iowa, and the state has long-since been recognized as one of the nation’s most prevalent locales for binge drinking episodes, even among its adult population. In fact, among admissions for addiction treatment programs throughout Iowa, cases of alcohol addiction represent more than 60 percent of all patients treated within the state, according to the Iowa Department of Public Health.

The Necessity for Alcoholism Treatment in Ottumwa, Iowa

For the City of Ottumwa and the greater Wapello County area, alcoholism continues to take a toll on citizens locally. In fact, according to the Iowa Department of Transportation, impaired driving incidents involved 18 crashes in Wapello County alone in 2008. Among those incidents, 18 injuries and one fatality occurred as a result of largely alcohol-related vehicular incidents. In Wapello County alone, there have been four fatalities and 93 injuries involving impaired driving during the four years in between 2004 and 2008.

Safe Alcoholism Detoxification for Ottumwa Residents


Many Ottumwa residents attempt to cease alcohol abruptly on their own, placing themselves at risk for serious – and even lethal – complications as they attempt to overcome alcoholism. During the withdrawal phase of alcohol recovery, the system begins to eliminate toxins and re-achieve natural balance in brain chemicals. Over the course of alcoholism, natural occurrence of one neurotransmitter in particular – known as GABA – becomes displaced by alcohol intake, while production of this chemical resumes once the brain has registered the absence of alcohol in the body. However, during the intermediary period between cessation and restoration of normal brain chemistry, alcoholic individuals may find themselves feeling GABA deficiencies.

Combined with further chemical imbalances, GABA deficiencies can serve to trigger anxiety, depression and even suicidal ideation in recovering alcoholics during the withdrawal period – sometimes necessitating the use of antidepressants to treat the issue. Other vital concerns during the alcohol detoxification phase include hydration, prevention or treatment of delirium tremens (“the shakes”), prevention of brain damage and overtaxed organs.

Alcoholism Centers for Ottumwa, Iowa Residents

As with the detoxification phase of alcohol recovery, the road to sobriety also involves psychological, emotional  and social work in a professionally guided setting. For the vast majority of those in Ottumwa seeking addiction treatment, confidential, comprehensive care outside the city or state’s borders offers a dedicated environment in which to heal, away from the triggers of alcoholism.

If you or someone you love struggles with alcoholism in Ottumwa or the rest of surrounding Wapello County, we invite you to call our toll-free hotline for assistance. Our experienced addiction counselors can help walk you through the inpatient treatment selection process and answer any questions you might have about alcoholism treatment centers throughout the US that can help you or a loved one in Ottumwa recover.