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Ames Alcohol Rehab Centers

Ames Alcohol RehabDespite rising drug concerns in the City of Ames, alcohol remains the most frequently abused substance within its borders, far surpassing marijuana usage and methamphetamine abuse. In fact, across Story County and Iowa itself, there were more than 23,000 admissions for addiction treatment in 2008. Furthermore, 2008 saw more than 7,300 admissions for alcoholism alone, along with more than 5,400 individuals admitted for addiction treatment where alcohol was used as a secondary drug of choice.

The Need for Alcohol Rehab for Ames Residents

For residents of Ames and Story County, alcohol abuse has become a frequent occurrence. With incidents of binge drinking centering around the city’s Iowa State University, Ames has been called the state’s most alcohol-saturated city. In fact, the average Ames resident imbibed more than $175 worth of hard alcohol in the last year alone.  In 2010, more than three and a half gallons of liquor were consumed by the average adult living in Ames. The State of Iowa itself ranked within the top five states prone to binge drinking occurrences (defined as four drinks for women or five drinks for men in one sitting), according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH).

Issues with Alcohol Rehab Centers in Ames, Iowa

For those struggling with problem drinking, binge drinking or alcoholism in Ames, the resources available for alcohol addiction treatment within Story County can be disheartening. While local programs exist for alcohol treatment, the vast majority offer outpatient care that simply does not meet the needs of long-term alcoholics, those with severe physical dependency on alcohol or those with Dual Diagnosis complications involving mental health disorders. Additionally, the heavy drinking culture within Ames makes the success of outpatient solutions more challenging for Story County residents, as alcohol triggers such as drinking associates, work pressures and familial conflicts can reactivate the urge to drink during outpatient care.

Finding Alcohol Rehab Centers Outside of Ames, Iowa

Alcoholism rehab centers that offer inpatient care often garner higher success rates in treating alcohol addiction than their outpatient equivalents. For those seeking treatment options, exploring inpatient rehab centers in other regions can help create a private, focused reprieve in which recovery can be achieved. Our confidential addiction counselors welcome your call about treatment options available to those struggling with alcoholism in Ames or the rest of Story County. We invite you to call, 24 hours a day, with any questions or inquiries you have about obtaining alcohol rehab treatment at quality facilities throughout the US.