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Des Moines Rehab Directory

Des Moines Rehab DirectoryThe greater Des Moines, Iowa area has experienced high rates of drug and alcohol usage in recent years. Ranked consistently within the country’s top five binge-drinking states, Iowa as a whole has experienced an epidemic of alcoholism for those under 45 years of age– and the Des Moines metropolitan area is no exception. Additionally, methamphetamine usage has remained on the rise, with the climbing rate of meth production coming to light in 1998, as 200 covert meth labs were raided and closed – a 200 percent increase over the prior year. Though research indicates that alcoholic and drug-addicted individuals who receive intensive drug and alcohol treatment fare better in their pursuit of sobriety, fewer than 15 percent of individuals ever seek inpatient care.

Assessing Addiction Treatment with Rehab Directories

Once you have recognized the signs of alcoholism or drug addiction in yourself or a loved one, and decided to seek out inpatient treatment, the assessment process for addiction treatment programs begins. For most individuals in Des Moines, sifting through the myriad of options for alcohol and drug treatment – both outpatient and inpatient solutions – can prove to be an overwhelming task. Rehab directories can clarify the drug and alcohol treatment acquisition process, answering questions regarding facility capacity, enrollment caps, treatment modalities and drug-specific expertise available at addiction treatment centers throughout the country.

Affordable Options for Des Moines Residents Through Rehab Directories

Costs for drug recovery programs vary, often hinging on services offered by the drug rehab program itself. Those with higher staff-to-patient ratios, more intensive and varied therapy options, on-site detoxification facilities and high-end amenities tend to be more expensive than treatment centers that simply offer basic services. By obtaining the services of a rehab directory, Des Moines residents seeking drug or alcohol addiction treatment can assess the cost-value propositions of each treatment center referral.

Many rehab options that serve Des Moines residents take private insurance coverage to help offset the cost of treatment. Today, the vast majority of drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers will accept publicly subsidized health care, such as Medicare and Medicaid. Additionally, drug rehab directories can help inform patients as to which treatment centers offer financial planning solutions such as low- or no-interest payment plans, scholarships, deferred payments, discounted cash payments or sliding scale fees.

Finding a Rehab Directory for Des Moines Addicts

Our staff of addiction specialists has access to one of the most nation’s reputable rehab directories and can provide Des Moines residents with referrals to addiction treatment programs across the country. Our expertise is in aligning those in need of drug and alcohol detoxification and rehabilitation with treatment centers throughout the United States best suited to their financial and recovery needs. We welcome you to call us at any time of day or night, to speak with an informed counselor about the particular addiction you face and the rehab options available to you.